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For the first time it’s possible to achieve the look of a custom-crafted three dimensional ceiling at a practical price.


The revolutionary WoodTrac Ceiling System by Sauder adds character, dimension and color to any room. Multiple wood finishes and a paintable option along with three molding styles create endless choices to match any decor.


Improving a finished or unfinished ceiling is quick and easy because WoodTrac is compatible with most existing or new ceiling grid systems. It’s the perfect solution for a better look.


wooden ceiling panels


Color options

WoodTrac is currently offered in a light wood finish (Bank Alder), a darker wood finish (Abbey Oak) and a White Paintable finish. There is also a paintable textured white panel (Knockdown Plaster).


Helps keep noise levels down

Will a WoodTrac ceiling in my basement help keep noise from transferring to above rooms?

While nothing performs as well as acoustic tiles, WoodTrac contains sound well enough for the majority of users. Individuals with more stringent standards can install Batt insulation in the ceiling joists above their WoodTrac ceiling.


How WoodTrac installs

Wood moldings snap onto a standard 15/16" wide metal suspended ceiling grid using patented clips.


WoodTrac's clips will allow it to be installed over any 15/16" or 1" wide suspended ceiling grid. Measure the width of the metal strip, which is visible with the ceiling panels in place (normally the white metal strips between the panels) before purchasing WoodTrac to ensure compatibility. The majority of suspended ceiling grid is 15/16" but there are narrower grids in existence. Narrower grids are rare in residential settings but can be found in commercial spaces.


Humidity considerations

Since WoodTrac is made of wood, you might worry if it will it grow mold in rooms with moisture concerns such as basements.


WoodTrac should not have mold issues in basements below 50% relative humidity. WoodTrac is a wood product and therefore is as likely as wooden furniture to grow mold.



Before & After

See before & after images of Woordtrac installations™


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